Black Wood (2022)

Dowanhowee, a Native American lady, flees the legendary Dutch Wilder Gang by entering the unknown Black Wood Forest. They rapidly realise they must aid each other once inside, for they have unwittingly awoken an ancient voracious beast known as The Wendigo.

“Never reveal your monster in the daytime!” producer Roger Corman famously stated regarding horror films. Chris Canfield, the director, had obviously never heard of this. As a consequence, his directorial feature film debut, “Black Wood,” defies conventional horror film cliches by having his monster and the film’s shock and gore aspects take place during the day. One scene takes place at night, when our main protagonists sit around a campfire listening to Two Feathers, a Native American who tells the narrative of an old legend known as The Wendigo, who haunts an unexplored area known as the Black Wood Forest. Watch more Myflixer Movies free for streaming without any cost.

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Title: Black Wood (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror, Western
Directors: Chris Canfield
Writer: Chris Canfield
Stars: Bates Wilder, Stelio Savante, Glenn Morshower