Hunting Ava Bravo (2022)

In short,’Hunting Ava Bravo’ may not have an original plot, but it does have a good idea. The problem appears to be that this good idea does not last long. Perhaps the production would have been more intense if it had been developed in a short or medium-length format with a shorter duration. However, with so little time and such a small cast – essentially only five actors, four of whom are men – there is no subject, no event for the plot to develop, so that after ten minutes of projection, the spectator feels exactly like the protagonist: walking in circles.¬†Watch more Myflixer online free films for streaming without any cost.

Hunting Ava Bravo Online Free Streaming

Title: Hunting Ava Bravo (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Directors: Gary Auerbach
Writer: Julie Auerbach, Kevin Tavolaro, Marc Blucas
Stars: Kate del Castillo, Marc Blucas, Halem Medina