I Came By (2022)

I like the idea of this movie’s plot, where these ostensibly aimless teenagers are actually making important contributions in an effort to make a significant point. The idea that someone in a position of importance may have a deep inner wound that dates back to childhood and may be hiding it in one of his home’s rooms is also intriguing.

A typical flaw in this genre is that, aside from that, the antagonist tends to have the good fortune to always come out on top while the other characters always look bad. As they enter a villain’s home without a plan and act very carelessly, many scenes appear a little silly. Watch more Look Movies full free online for streaming.

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Title: I Came By (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Directors: Babak Anvari
Writer: Babak Anvari, Namsi Khan
Stars: Antonio Aakeel, Alicia Ambrose-Bayly, Percelle Ascott