The Royal Treatment (2022)

Watch The Royal Treatment 2022 Movie full free streaming online on myflixer website in HD video quality. The film opens with Isabella (Laura Marano), a stylist, giving ceaselessly free doughnuts en route to work in her area. At the point when he showed up working, he found that the microwave in his salon had burst into flames. At the point when Doug (Jay Simon), the salon proprietor’s associate, shows up to request reward for the misfortune, Izzy spends the cash she saved money out traveling all over the planet. The ruler of Lavania, Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud), demands his associate to manage his hair. Her colleague tragically called Izzy’s salon and illuminating her that she would be paid $ 500 for a hair style. She promptly acknowledges and visits him. At the point when she meets the ruler and starts trimming his hair, a house worker brings her tea and throws it away unintentionally. Izzy is maddened at the maid’s abuse and the sovereign’s deficient hair style. She gets back to the salon and updates her family on the occasions of the day. Watch more Myflixer Free Movies online for streaming without any membership.

Movie Overview

Title: The Royal Treatment (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Comedy, Family, Romance
Directors: Rick Jacobson
Writer: Holly Hester
Stars: Laura Marano, Peter Chin, Julie Edwards